Infographics design

From knowledge translation to strategic narratives,
infographics are a highly effective way to present and disseminate
complex information in a simple and accessible format.

We create both data-driven and conceptual infographics
that inform, educate, inspire or influence, weaving
visual storytelling to engage in ways that words alone can’t.

We love working with innovative thinkers – researchers, consultants,
communication managers, executives in corporate and government –
to create positive impact and support transformation.

Infographic design

“There’s something almost quite magical about visual information. It’s effortless. It literally pours in. If you’re navigating a dense information jungle, coming across a beautiful graphic or lovely data visualization is a relief. It’s like coming across a clearing in the jungle.”
– David McCandless, founder of Information Is Beautiful

Why infographics ?

Information design

… because weaving conceptual and/or data-driven information with graphic storytelling helps bring clarity and connect with your audience.

Knowledge translation

… because being able to synthesise and share academic or clinical research in an accessible and engaging visual format can raise its impact and funding.

Business applications

… because visual communication is a powerful way to enhance and support corporate strategy, leadership, culture, innovation and change.

Our approach






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Turn complexity into ‘aha’s

We design short and long format infographics: visual explainers, research findings reports and ePosters, strategic narratives, strategies on a page, models & frameworks, roadmaps & processes, and more…

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