Context: Trust for Nature is a not-for-profit organisation playing an integral role in the conservation of Victoria’s plants and animals. Their statutory powers allow Trust For Nature to work with private landowners to protect habitats and wildlife on private land in perpetuity.

The Trust For Nature’s Revolving Fund is a proven model, dedicated to identifying, purchasing and selling land and properties with significant natural values on the real estate market, to protect Victoria’s biodiversity. Once purchased by Trust For Nature, the property is sold to an owner willing to protect these conservation values through a conservation covenant. The Sale proceeds are then returned to the Revolving Fund to purchase more property, creating a continuous conservation investment cycle.

Crealo worked with Trust For Nature to help visualise the Revolving fund as part of  a pitch for obtaining additional funding from the State Government. We developed a single narrative infographic to illustrate the Revolving Fund’s relevancy, process and benefits. It’s one of our favourites!