Client: FoodCube

Project: FoodCube is an exciting Australian startup backed by ‘Little Fish Group‘, that designs vertical farming containers, perfect for the development of urban farming.

Being a closed environment, a Food Cube’ production is extremely high (4000 times more yield per acre!), efficient all year round, and entirely pesticide free. But its many advantages like small footprint, optimally regulated system for temperature, light and water… are not the whole story: FoodCube is also a whole revolutionary system that addresses each stage of urban food production cycle, from seeding to harvest buy-back and waste collection.

In this infographic, we developed a visual story to bring all these ideas together, starting from

1) the context of why urban agriculture movement is not just needed, but essential for the future of cities’ food supply,
2) the concept of the FoodCubes’ complete ecosystem, and
3) the more technical nitty gritty of how a Cube works.