Project Description

Client: Australian Genomics Health Alliance

Context: The Australian Genomics Health Alliance is a research collaboration of organisations committed to integrating genomic medicine into healthcare in Australia. Initially set up to target rare disease and cancer, the alliance is building an evidence database and piloting solutions for the effective and equitable delivery of genomic medicine in Australia. The key strands of genomic research are summarised in our initial infographic.

Communications with patients and their families is delicate and confronting, both due to the complexity of the matter, and the emotions experienced when a genomic test is advised.

The Australian Genomics Health Alliance commissioned Crealo to create infographics to support health professionals and their patients. The first infographic (below) is an overview of what genomic testing is, what it involves and what it means for them. The second infographic (right) explains genomic data sharing and consent.

We are grateful to be involved with such an important area of research and are very satisfied with how the infographics evolved.

The illustrations created for the infographics were then repurposed throughout the website.

The Australian Genomics Health Alliance is developing an online user platform called Control (“CTRL”), to give patients more visibility and easier control over their genomic data and sharing consent. Crealo produced an explainer videographic (ie a powerpoint based animation), consistent with the style and illustrations developed for the infographics.

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