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Is ‘death by Powerpoint’ plaguing your meetings?
Do you need to raise the standard of presentations in your organisation?

Help your staff escape bullet point hell by giving them the right foundations
and empowering them to create more effective and engaging slide decks.

We develop Powerpoint templates and user guidelines
to support effective communication, clarity, and consistency.

A better way to communicate

Presentations are a key tool for effective communication, and a particularly important one in times of change and transformation. And yet, using Powerpoint effectively is far from common: in fact, the norm is generally slides that look like presenters’ notes, overloaded with text and haphazard visuals, if any at all.

Poorly designed presentations make life difficult for everyone in the room, leading to boredom, distraction and disconnect. This kind of  ‘communication grind’ can negatively affect your culture and reflect badly on your brand.

Whether for internal communication or client facing opportunities, a fresh approach to presentation delivery is a gap we help you fill. We work alongside leaders, communications and marketing managers to create modular, on-brand Powerpoint templates, accompanied by user guidelines that help your teams create more compelling presentations and raise engagement to new levels.

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