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Skip the yawns and break the mould:
Powerpoint CAN be exciting, effective and memorable.

We create extra-ordinary Powerpoint design
for CEOs, executives, consultants and speakers.

Combining the power of storytelling and illustrative visuals,
we bring your message to life with clarity and purpose.

Enlighten minds, drive action and spark meaningful change

Whether at a conference, an internal event or a high-stake pitch, keeping your audience’s attention is crucial… yet the vast majority of presenters and leaders rely on slides that hinder rather than enhance their message… The fact is you will let your audience, yourself, and your message down if you stick to the way most people (mis)use Powerpoint.

Our fresh approach is highly visual, bathed in neuroscience principles and inspired by presentation design world’s best practices. We want ideas to shine and catalyse transformation. So every slide is carefully designed to enhance meaning and raise engagement.

Capture your audience with a professional and effective presentation

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