Interactive Presentations

Interactivity is a powerful way to tailor content
and activate audience engagement.
It’s an excellent tool for induction,
training or conversational presentations.

We design interactive Powerpoint presentations,
using trigger animations, to create custom journeys,
improve understanding and deepen connection.

We design interactive Powerpoint presentations that boost understanding and bring people closer to your message.

Powerpoint design specialist

Drive conversations

Most presentations are linear and depend on the presenter following a single narrative, slide after slide. But what if you want to take a more conversational approach?

With an interactive Powerpoint presentation, you can choose to dive into topics, skip parts, and lead dynamic conversations with your audience.

Enhance user experience

In the absence of a presenter or facilitator, interactive presentations are a powerful tool that can be used for induction programs and other training materials, presentation packs or event experiences.

Meaningful user interactions trigger interest, anchor information and maximise impact.

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