Project Description

Client: WorkSafe

Consulting partner:
Silverstone Edge

Context: We love it when an organisation is committed to strategic and practical transformation. This was (and is) the case for WorkSafe. Drawing from insights and directives from our consulting partner Silverstone Edge, Crealo has been tasked with developing visual assets for an ongoing series of collateral, including whole of organisation transformation, people and culture, performance management and leadership communication. Our job is to translate concepts, reports and strategies into engaging visuals.

Most notably, we were involved in the development of internal communication and user interface design for a performance review platform called ‘Chat’. This has been rolled out at WorkSafe in both mobile and desktop versions.

Strawman strategy infographic:

New performance management interactive pdfs and infographics:

‘Chat’ initiative Z card and app user interface:

Project Lego transformation readiness report:

Leadership workshop summary infographic

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