Graphic recording Melbourne

Graphic recording

Graphic recording, also referred as live sketching,
is a powerful tool to keep engagement levels high
during conferences, corporate meetings and workshops.
By distilling key points and capturing contributions,
it encourages participation and focus…
and sometimes too for new ideas to emerge.
The result is a memorable, fun, shareable visual artefact
that helps people brainstorm, remember and integrate.

Corona virus update


As Zoom meetings, video calls and online teaching
are our new normal, let us know how you are adapting!
Live digital graphic recording is a great way to help
your remote participants feel
engaged, focused and smiling:
ask us about remote digital graphic recording!

Analog or digital

on-paper graphic recording

Graphic recording
on the wall

This analog form of graphic recording means we sketch on a large piece of paper: as a physical artefact, it supports the audience to connect with the content in real-time, and is digitised afterwards as a high-resolution image.

digital graphic recording

Graphic recording
on screen

Digital graphic recording means the sketching is created on screen: snapshots and timelapse videos become instant digital artefacts that can be projected for the audience on the day, and easily shared online after the event.

Graphic recording helps participants connect ideas and perspectives. Whether you are a consultant, facilitator or leader, let ‘s talk about your meeting, workshop or event…

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