‘Simplicité’ is key

Web users are not patient creatures and they will quickly leave if they cannot navigate easily.

Here are some questions to help making you’re not turning visitors away because of your site navigation:

1) Is your website navigation understandable, clear and intuitive?
The key of an effective navigation of a website is its structure and organisation. The importance of a structured hierarchy is directly proportional to the amount of content of the website.

2) Is the website structure no more than three levels deep (eg three clicks or less)?
Users should be able to go to any page in a maximum of two or three clicks, with the main site pages accessible in one.

3) Is the navigation design consistent through a website?
Are the links, menu and buttons formatted the same way on all the pages? Navigation design must be consistent through a website, not change from page to page, and it should remind users where they are.

4) Is the navigation accessible from any page of the website?
You don’t want to lead your visitor to a dead end: bad case of web claustrophobia will cause instant click awaaaaay from your site.

5) Are your menu labels explicit?
‘Resources’, ‘Tools’ or such generic terms are not very helpful for the users and you’re missing out on quick points with search engines. Be as specific as possible and use keywords whenever possible…