Keynote Presentation Package

How do you confidently engage with your audience and make an impact?

Through proven, effective methods using storytelling and compelling visuals, we help you develop and deliver an engaging and persuasive keynote. So your message can shine… and therefore you will too.

Our Keynote Presentation Package, step by step

Step 1:

We facilitate a 2 hour workshop with your key internal stakeholders to define audience, message and ideal outcomes. We use design thinking tools to help you clarify what you need to say and why.

Step 2:

We collect all your important information and key insights, and transform them into a solid, memorable Prezi visual presentation to support your core message.

Step 3:

We help you rehearse for the big day. We give you storytelling techniques to draw your audience in, voice, stance and mindset coaching. So that when you walk in that room, you’re ready to wow.

What’s included?

  • Discovery workshop
  • Content development consultation
  • Custom Prezi design
  • Public speaking coaching session

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