Investor Pitching Package

Planning an investor pitch to raise some much needed capital?

Here’s the deal. You need a deal. And you’ve only got ten minutes.
The way to win that deal is to deliver a pitch that moves investors from interest to action. It needs to be clear, concise and relevant.

There’s a simple recipe: a strong message, compelling visuals and confident delivery. We help you get the recipe right.

Our Investor Pitching Package, step by step

Step 1:

We facilitate a 2 hour workshop with your key stakeholders to define audience, message and ideal outcomes. We use design thinking tools to help you clarify the what and the why.

Step 2:

We collect all your important information and key insights, and transform them into a solid, memorable visual presentation to support your core message. Short and sharp.

Step 3:

We help you rehearse for the big day with storytelling techniques to draw investors in. This includes voice, stance and mindset coaching so that when you walk in that room, they’ll sign on the dotted line.

Who is this for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Private and pre-IPO companies

What this is NOT:

This is not a business coaching session to test if your idea has legs or to crunch numbers. That needs to be sorted before we meet you. What we offer is about communicating ideas in a way that will gain maximum results. We’ve found the hardest thing for entrepreneurs and business owners is to be objective and put themselves in the investors’ shoes. We will help you make your pitch laser focused on the key information that will inspire investors to want to back you.