Worksafe Prezi

The client Silverstone Edge | Worksafe The brief Propose and demonstrate a new approach to performance management for the organisation and a proof of concept for a mobile app. The concept With friendly characters, we translated abstract ideas into a visual experience of what the new approach would look like from a user's point of view. The [...]

Jame Tomkins visual presentation

The client James Tomkins | UBS The brief James needed to improve the design of an existing motivational presentation, to make a higher impact on his audience. The concept Rather than jumping from place to place on a world map as in the initial presentation, we focused on a timeline instead, to give a sense of James' 20 year long journey of sustained effort and [...]


Client Our Insurance Manager The brief Create a visual presentation that pitches the insurance services and sparks a conversation with the client The concept Using simple illustrations to represent the members or the organisation and set up the context, we showed people's pain points as questions, to draw the attention and allow the presenter [...]