What’s ‘responsive design’

responsive web design for tablets and smart phonesResponsive web design just means that the way your website displays differently on different screen sizes. Responsive design is helpful to give your visitors an optimal experience on mobile their phones or tablets.

By making it easier to navigate it allows a better engagement with mobile device users, which represents an exponentially growing audience in most countries and particularly in Australia.

Why it is essential

Browsing the Internet via mobile devices has become a primary way for people to experience the web. Australia has witnessed an extraordinary boom when it comes to mobile technology.

What the options are…

1)  If your business already has an existing website, responsive design can be added on to make it more user friendly without a huge change in the overall look and feel. This requires a bit of additional coding, which a web developer can do.

2) If you don’t have a website yet and about to get one, make sure you ask for responsive design. Any new website can – and should – use responsive technology from the start. It is not always implicitly included in a web design quote though, so you should make sure to specifically ask your designer if your website will indeed be responsive.

3) You can also get an ‘app like’ site, specifically designed for smartphones. Strongly focused on call to action (your phone number for example), it maximises conversion rate and usability. Check Dudamobile: type your website address to see the potential.

So… are still wondering if a responsive website design is right for your business? If you are looking for increased functionality, better audience engagement and conversion, the answer is definitely yes.

If you’d like to find out more or have any question, feel free to email me.