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Infographics design

Visual storytelling engages in ways that wordy reports can’t.
Time and again, we witness the impact our infographics
have on transforming an organisation’s narrative.

This is enabled by innovative thinkers leading the way.
We love to work with such people: researchers, consultants,
communication managers and executives in corporate and government.

Our process

1: Storytelling

“Those who tell the stories, rule the world”…
Using collaborative thinking, we craft inspiring and empowering narratives with you to crystallise what will connect with your target audience.


2: Wireframing

Our infographic design process begins with mapping out a coherent visual plan. We develop the flow and structure on which to layer the metaphors, illustrative elements, and content.


3: Illustration

Illustrations and iconography are the through-line of each infographic: they convey abstract or complex ideas and context in simple visual ways, while imbuing tone and personality.

Crealo specialises in Infographic Design,
from Visual Explainers to Strategic Narratives.

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