Landing page in French would be ‘page d’atterrissage’… kind of suggests landing a helicopter on an A4 sheet of paper.

But you should buckle up, take off, and land on this article about creating the ultimate lead-capture-landing-page from Oli Gardner at Unbounce… It is well worth its digital weight in gold…

Many small business owners are familiar with the term ‘landing page’ but don’t have clear idea of what it means and what it can do for them…

It’s all about defining goals really.
One goal at a time.
And then, a landing page can be the money tap you’ve been waiting for.
Done right, it will bring you oozes of business!
Done wrong, well… you’re missing out.

So take a few minutes to get through this, it will give you a much better understanding about the power of landing pages, the factors that will make it successful, what to check out for if you create your landing page yourself, and what to ask if you go to a landing page designer to get it created for you: