Consulting Partner:
Silverstone Edge

Crealo’s role:
Narrative infographic design, Ecosystem infographic design, Strategy Summary booklet design, Strategy report design

The context: 
The National Disability Insurance Scheme is Australia’s biggest social policy project since Medicare, aiming to address the need for a major reform of disability services in Australia and give participants more choices and control. In 2013, legislation was passed and the NDIS Act was created, along with the scheme and the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency). After three years of pilots, the NDIS was ready to be rolled out nationally… Silverstone Edge partnered with Crealo in a ongoing series of engagements around the transformation of the organisation and its workforce.

Key stakeholders: Organisational Strategy, People and Strategy, People & Culture Division, Office of the CEO

Why we loved this experience:
People with heart

Narrative infographic: a visual journey

This large narrative infographic was developed following a co-design workshop involving NDIA’s key staff and partners and facilitated by Silverstone Edge. Originally printed on a 1.8m long silk paper), it depicts the journey from the early beginnings of the Scheme to its official national launch and direction for the future.

The poster was distributed nationally, accompanied by a voice piece. It was addressed to the Agency’s employees and partner organisations on the ground, telling a unified story by acknowledging the history and difficulties of the past, celebrating the achievements and an invigorating vision for the future.

Ecosystem infographic

Due to the very large number of role players, one of the challenges of transforming a broad organisation is for people to visualise how the components fit and relate, while keeping the bigger picture in mind. This ecosystem infographic tells a unified story of all the components working together as puzzle pieces, and focused on their most important mission: improving the lives of participants.

People Strategy Communication

The NDIA People Strategy three-year time horizon was developed with the support of Silverstone Edge, including initiatives for Culture and Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, Learning and Development, Workforce Planning and Talent: Silverstone Edge facilitated the co-design and worked with the Agency on their workforce transformation, partnering with Crealo to develop a series of engaging artefacts used for communicating the strategy across the organisation and its partners.